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Huijin mesh is a 30+ years MANUFACTURER of Expanded metal , Perforated metal sheet, Safety grating panels, decorative mesh. The product are widely used in architectural and industrial area. we are focusing on  providing good quality products with fast delivery and set up long -term coopearation with each of our customers. Now our products are welcomed in 20 countries of  North America,  Europe, Middle East ,South East Asia and South America. 
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The Wire Mesh we manufacture are widely used in Architectural and Industrial area. The use in architectural area mainly contains outdoor curtain wall and indoor ceiling or partition while the application of industrial area is in enclosure, platform, walkway, filtering, shelf, construction site etc.
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The Japanese Industrial Expanded Metal
The Japanese Industrial Standard specifies steel expanded metals to be used for civil engineering, construction and common use to mining and industry. The matal laths specified in JIS A 5505 are excluded from the application of this standard. There are normally two tyeps of the JIS expanded metals,
What Is Raised Expanded Metal?
Today we are living in the concrete jungle, all the buildings are commonly made of steel. These buildings can serve a long time almost 100 years. Because of its versatility, nearly all the buildings around us are made of various types of steel. The expanded metal is the most common seen. The raised
Irregular Hole Perforated Metal
The perforated metal is the metal sheet through punching and pressing to create different patterns on themetal sheet. There are multiple patterns of the perforated metal. The raw material of the perforated metal is stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel and copper and etc,. And the hole size and the sheet size can be customized. Normally the sheet size is 4ftx8ft.
Gothic Expanded Metal Mesh
There are many types of Thailand S expanded metal mesh, our company--HUIJIN has all molds of the Thailand S expanded metal. Winthin all these metal mesh molds, we would highly recommend you the gothic expanded metal mesh. The hole pattern of the gothic expanded metal mesh looks more beautiful. So it
North America Standard Expanded Metal
Expanded metal is made of the whole metal sheet, after pressing the metal sheet it would be die cut and expanded. There are two types of the expanded metal mesh, the raised metal mesh and the flattened type. Each style can be made into two types, besides the difference of the appearence, the flatten
Perf-O Grip safety Grating
The Perf-O Grip sfety grating is the very designed product for the anti-skid product. The surface of the Perf-O grip safety grating has lots of de-bossed holes and perforated buttons on it. All these designed features can provide the good slip protection and performance. The anti-slip protection can show itself in all conditions and every directon.
The Metal Mesh Company-HUIJIN
We have multiple metal products. Like, industrial mesh, architectural decorative meatl mesh and the products that has been widely used in the factory or the outdoor, the safety grating and belt conveyor.
The Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
The 304 stainless steel has been widely applied in the wire mesh indutry. Lots of wire mesh manufacturer would like to choose the 304 stainless steel as their priority material for the products.The stainless steel wire mesh is seemingly become the standard of the industry. For the 304 stainless steel wire mesh is strong anti-corrsion, and the wire mesh has been applied in many industries, the enviroment of these industries may change quite differently. The SS wire cloth is also heat resistance. Even in the 1600°F, the SS wire cloth still can show a good oxidation resistance quality, and it even can work continuously in the 1700°F.




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