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Why Choose Huijin Laser Cut Screens?

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Because of the diversity of the laser cut screens pattern and dimension, it is becoming more and more popular, No matter as Garden Metal Screen, metal screen fence, indoor wall metal decor panels or restaurant partition. When we decide to choose the laser cut screens for home usage or projects, what factors should be considered as good product? There are so many sellers dealing with it, why choose Huijin Laser cut Screens?

First of all should be its beautiful apperance. We have thousands choices of the metal screen panels pattern, if you are not satisfied with the current patterns, we also have professional desinger, you can tell us you need and final effect you want to achive,  we can do customized deign according to your own taste, let your house and garden out of the ordinary. We have high speed and high-precision Laser cut screens machine, which can produce any specification’s metal screens.

metal screen panels pattern

Second is the long service time of the laser cut screens. And how to make it strong? Both the material and finish are crutial for it. We always choose thickness over 3.0 mm for aluminum material, and thickness over 2mm for steel material, thus it will ensure the finished metal decor not bend and break during the transportation and installation. The other key point to ensure the life time is the surface treatment, to ensure the powder not fade and fall away, we will not only choose high quality Powder, we also pay high attention to the pretreatment. First is the polishing of the lader cut screens, we will polish each pieces front and back side, to remove the small burs at cutting edge. Than is Acid washing- water washing-Cauterization-water washing again, this process will help to remove the dirt, oil and other dirty factors to improve the powder adhesion. Which will greatly increse the life time of the finish of the laser cut screens.

Last but not the least reason of choose Huijin lader cut screens is that we are direct factory, no distributor to earn the handling profits. We also have professional exporting team to give you right instruction even it is your first time of importing. Excellent product with competitive price, why not choose us?

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