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Which type of expanded wire mesh suitable for partition wall?

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Nowadays more and more people choose expanded wire mesh to decorative house for partition wall.But Which type of expanded wire mesh suitable for it,let me introduce from different sides.

expanded wire mesh to decorative house for partition

First,re the material of expanded wire mesh,aluminum is better because of light weight.You can choose aluminum 1006,3003,5052 and 5005.If you like thin material,3003 is better,because of 3003 is harder.Of course there are also other material can be choose,such as carbon steel,galvanized steel,stainless steel,copper and so on.

Second,re the thickness of expanded wire mesh,we recommend 2-3mm.I think it economic and durable enough.We also can manufacture as your requirement.

Third,re the surface treatment of expanded wire mesh,powder coating is workable.Generally powder coating more used for inner side and PVDF more used for outdoor.There are anodizing,pvc coating,wooden finish and hot dipped galvanized for your choice.

Fourth,Re the pattern of expanded wire mesh,there are diamond expanded wire mesh,hexagonal expanded wire mesh,triangle expanded wire mesh,fish hole expanded wire mesh,Gothic expanded wire mesh and special shaped expanded wire mesh.

Finally,re the specification,as the function of partition wall,the private screen is popular,so the hole size(long way of diamond and short way of diamond)not larger.Strand width also less than expanded wire mesh used for curtain wall. More popular specification such as 15x30mm,40x80mm,24x57mm and so on.

Expanded wire mesh partition wall

Expanded wire mesh partition wall widely used for many area,such as house,Villa,bar,shopping mall,fitness room,restaurant and so on.We have made many projects we can give you more suggestions,if you have relate projects welcome to inquiry.

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