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What is Perforated Metal Etching Sheets?

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Perforated metal Sheet is very common in our daily life, even you are not dealing with steel materials, you may have found it on Shopping Center Facade, on the mall goods shelves, also we can find it as outdoor perforated metal sheet fence, Sewer filter screen, or the pet cages and so on. All this mesh with holes we can see clearly are produced by punching machines, Turret machine, or laser cutting machine. But there is also another kind of perforated metal sheet named Etching Perforated Metal Sheets, it is not produced by puching machine, or we can say physical puching, but by some specifial chemicals.

The character of the etching metal perforated sheet is that it can be tiny holes perforated metal sheet, for example, the perforated metal sheet hole can be as small as 0.1mm, which are not visible to the naked eyes and can not be measured by Vernier caliper. We have to measure it by Microwell measuring instrument. It can be used at the Precision instrument as the filter mesh.

character of the etching metal perforated sheet

The other advantage of the etching perforated sheet is its high accuracy, we can ensure its tolerance at about 0.05mm of the hole and 0.1mm of the dimension. And it hole can be any pattern, round, square, oblong hole, and we can also do picture perforations.

advantage of the etching perforated sheet

The limitation of the etching sheet metal perforationis is that the biggest panel size we can do is 500*600mm, and only steel and stainless steel material are available. Mostly customer choose stainless steel material.

Our factory can produce any sizes of metal perforated sheet by different machines and production process. So if you are looking for the perforated sheet, do not hesitate to contact us.

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