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What are laser cut panels?

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Laser cut panels are also known as laser cut screens. We ues the laser to cut material.The laser cut panels are cut by CNC machine. Compared to the traditional cut, the CNC machine has various advantages, which includes better precision, easier manipulation, high cut quality, meaning less chances to waste and damage the material that is being cut and it’s faster.It would save your time for waiting.It’s a quite cost-effective product.

laser cut machine

How is your laser cut panels made?

Step 1 , choose your laser cut panel patterns.  If you don’t have a clear idea, we have the predefined designs.And of course you can come to us with your own designs.Then,you can choose how to treat the surface and the products colour.  We have two different ways ,Powder coating and  PVDF(fluorocarbon).You can based on your needs to choose the surface treatment.These two diffeerent ways have their own features. You can contact our sales to known more details.

Step 2, we would check whether your pattern is suitable for the matal sheet. If not, we would give you advice and help you find your fittable metal sheet.And then we will adjust the settings and configure our CNC laser cut machine.

Step 3 , Whe the laser cut process begins, the computer directs a laser at the material which will then follow the predefined path of the desired pattern and vaporize, burn or melt the material.

Step 4,  The panel is formed or bent into shape and welded. Then your very own  laser cut panel is done.

What can you do with laser cut panels?

It can be used both residential and commercial spaces, customized according to clients requirements and shipped wordwide. Laser cut panel for room, balcony divider is commonly seen at hotel, residential area, villa, park, house garden etc.And it also canbe used as canopy screen,  window screen, privacy screen panels, handrail screen and wall cladding.Due to it’s features, the laser cut panels has been widely used in decoration.

 laser cut decorative wall

 laser cut sunscreen

 laser cut deocrative wall

What you should consider when buy the laser cut panels?

Material:Aluminum, Stainless steel, Copper, corten steel

Size: 1m×1.8m, 1m×2m, 1.2m×2.4m or customized

Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm

Surface treatment: Powder coating, PVDF/fluorocarbon

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