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How is expanded metal mesh use?

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As a versatile product, the expanded metal mesh can be used in many ways , like walkways, stair treads, and platform in workshop.And it has been used as screening, safety guards, security installations, and partitions.And in the ceiling system, the expanded metal mesh would be a good choice.Through the secondary processing, the expanded metal mesh can be made into furnitures, containers, grills and other products.According to your order, we normally have the popular material at specific use.

fliter of expanded metal meshfliter of expanded metal mesh

safety guards expanded metal mesh

walkways expanded metal mesh

expanded metal mesh furniture

expanded metal mesh furniture

The features of the expanded metal mesh

Expanded metal mesh as a whole metal sheet,it is more stronger than thin wire mesh, at the same time it has better air flow and drainage than the metal sheet. So it has been applied in screens and fliters. And the flattend expanded metal mesh has the lighter weight, so that it is easy to install. Compared to the traditional metal sheet, the expanded metal sheet is more cost effective without material waste. Besides, the expanded metal mesh do not need more welding operation.So that it is more tough and durable.

How to measure your right expanded metal mesh

Measuring your expanded metal mesh needs lots of attention.You should consider the metal sheet size after it is expanded.The short and long way of opening,and its strand width and thickness also need to take into consideration.Each of these factors would affect in the latter secondary processing.

And four dimensions would affect the measuring. These key dimensions are LWA(Longway Aperture), SWA(Shortway Aperture), SWDT(Strand Width), STK( Strand Thickness).

LWA is measured horizontally from internal aperture point to point.

SWA is measured vertically from internal aperture point to point.

SWDT is a measurement of the width of the resulting angular strand created during manufacture.

STK is a measurement of starting raw material thickness.

how to measure expanded metal mesh

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