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perforated metal sheet for protecting privacy

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The raw materials of the perforated metal sheet are made of 5 series aluminum plates, which are mainly used for screen doors, screen windows and exterior wall decoration. The surface of the screen is pickled and cut, so the surface is free of any impurities. Outdoor powder is used for surface coating, and the technology is selected for spraying, which can ensure that the color will not fade in 10 years. 

Specification of  perforated metal sheet

  1. Material: stainless steel plate, high carbon steel plate, low carbon steel plate, galvanized plate, zinc plate, aluminum plate, aluminum alloy plate, magnesium aluminum plate, etc.

  2. Opening: round hole, square hole, oblong hole, triangle hole, scale hole, diamond hole, oval hole, hexagon hole, etc.

  3. . Process: stamping, leveling, cutting, bending, coiling, welding, forming and surface treatment.

  4. . Packaging: crates or pallets

This specification is for reference only and can be completed according to customer requirements.

 Perforated metal sheet  is widely used in breeding, batteries, mechanical protection, crafts, mesh of high-end speakers, decoration, child seats, baskets, medicines, filters, etc.

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