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Perforated Metal Plate

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Perforated metal plate is a common hole type in punching mesh, and it is also a variety of hole types in punching mesh, and it is also a popular one. It is punched from perforated plate; its properties are resistant to bending, anti-aging, and not easy to rust. Usually, galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate, aluminum plate, nickel plate and alloy plate are used as raw materials.

The hole types of perforated metal plates include round holes, square holes, oblong holes, flower holes and various combination holes. Finishes are: Finish: Polished, Painted, Anodized, Powder Coated or PVDF.

Perforated metal sheet features:

● Sheets of various thicknesses.

● Easy to process and shape.

● Can be painted or polished.

● Striking appearance.

● Easy to install.

● Lighter weight.

● Long service life.

● Good sound absorption.

● Extra long abrasion resistance.

● Wide selection of apertures and arrangements.

Wide range of applications:

Used in construction engineering, food processing, petrochemical, etc.

Stainless steel fruit blue, food cover, fruit plate and other kitchen utensils for kitchen equipment.

✔ Mining, grain screening, indoor sound insulation, noise reduction, grain depot ventilation, mechanical protection.

✔ The perforated plate is also used in the electronic industry, such as the dustproof and soundproof cover of the audio, etc.

✔ Shelf nets, decorative exhibition stands for shopping malls, ventilation and ventilation nets for grain depots, water seepage and water filter screens for football field lawns.

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