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Perforated Metal Grip Strut Safety Grating Antiskid Perforated Metal Plate Grating

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Grip Strut Safety Gratingis manufactured as a one-piece structural channel with a walking surface consisting of serrated edges on top of the diamond-shaped opening.The serrated surface is designed in an open diamond pattern.This allows fluid, mud, debris and other debris that caused the accident to escape.They can be cut or bent to any size and are ideal for wet or dry conditions requiring good skid resistance and traction, adapting to different ground and skid resistance requirements.

Grip Strut Safety Grating

1. Specifications of Grip Strut Treads

Material: galvanized steel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel.

Width: 4-3/4", 7", 9-1/2", 11-3/4", 18-3/4" and 24".

Channel height: 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" and 3".

Plank thickness: 14G, 12G and 10G. Other thickness can be customized.

Clear span: 2', 2'6", 3', 3'6", 4', 4'6", 5', 5'6", 6', 6'6", and 7'.

Grip Strut Safety Grating of appliacation

We can produce a full range of safety bars, including standard boards, stair treads, steps, walkways.Uses: Mainly used in building, ship, bridge, boiler platform, stair pedal.It is also used for the reinforcement of light construction materials and concrete pouring, the radiator grille of various vehicles and air compressors, and the safety protection of all kinds of machine gear transmission equipment.

Grip Strut Safety Grating

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