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Perforated Decorative Cladding Panel

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Perforated metal cladding is a good way to protect the inside and outside of the building while enhancing the appearance of the structure.The key is to work with experts who understand the inside and outside of metal cladding systems, who can use both function and aesthetics, and who can communicate effectively with customers.Precision perforations can do this and more.We work within the limitations of any particular material, while taking full advantage of the optimal quality of any perforated material -- whether it be perforated aluminum cladding, corrugated cladding or any other style.

Perforated metal cladding features:

Such as ductility, corrosion resistance or impressive appearance.

Perforated metal cladding applications:

1. Fences, panels and grids;

2. Channel;

3. Preservation and Barr;

Industrial and fire staircases; 4.

5. Metal walls;

6. Metal ceiling;

7. Grating and platform;

Perforated Metal MeshPerforated Decorative Cladding Panel

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