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Aluminum Expanded Metal mesh

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  • 06-17 2021 +Read More
    Expanded Metal Mesh For Application

    Expansion Metal Mesh can be expanded into a variety of mesh types.There are standard expansion metal styles and a variety of different strand widths and opening sizes that can be created for any construction or industrial pattern required.Expansive metals can also be formed into flat forms by rollin

  • 05-26 2021 +Read More
    What are the application fields of decorative aluminum plate net?

    Aluminum mesh sheets are made of aluminum sheets through evenly perforated/slits and stretched to form diamond/diamond (standard) shaped openings.Aluminum mesh plate in the process of expansion, under normal circumstances will be formed for a long time.The diamond-shaped structure and trusses make t

  • 01-13 2021 +Read More
    Standard Flattened Diamond Pattern Expanded Metal

    Manufactured by passing the standard expanded sheet through a cold-roll reducing mill. The metal sheets are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper die, forming a uniform diamond pattern. Stretched metal mesh has flat neat surface with no burrs.

  • 12-23 2020 +Read More
    Aluminum Expanded Metal Application

    Aluminum Small Hole Expanded Metal Used for Filter Mesh Or Protective Mesh

  • 11-17 2020 +Read More
    The Style and Application of Expanded Metal Mesh

    Expanded Metal is manufactured from solid sheets or plates of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum and a diverse type of alloys of copper, nickel, silver, titanium and other metals. Our aluminum expanded sheet has excellent strength to weight ratio and a number of patterns to choose from.

  • 09-28 2020 +Read More
    Explaining Expanded Metal Mesh

    To produce expanded metal, a sheet or plate is cut and stretched at the same time. This process expands the incision into a diamond-shaped hole of uniform size and shape.

  • 09-23 2020 +Read More
    Aluminum expanded metal for fencing and window screens

    Aluminum expanded metal is available in alloy 3003-H14 either flattened or non-flattened. Click the tab below that says "View Product Specs Chart" for details. Aluminum Expanded Metal is typically used for window guards, machine guards, and other maintenance uses.

  • 07-31 2020 +Read More
    The technological difficulty in Shanxi teachers' college aluminum expanded metal mesh ceiling projects.

    Our company received an inquiry request from the relevant leaders of Shanxi Taiyuan Preschool Teachers College in June 2018. The project was designed by Suzhou Gold Mantis Design Corporation. After receiving the relevant requirements, our company immediately arranged the corresponding department to

  • 02-05 2020 +Read More
    The first aluminum expanded metal mesh project in Australia

    Date: Oct, 20193 Parramatta Square is a famous and important building in Australia, We are honed to attend the manufacturer of exterior decoration part of 3PS. The details are as following: Aluminum Expanded curtain wall Panel,4000sq2, 3.0mm*250mm*125mm.Now the project is under manufacturing, will u




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