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How to customize Laser Cut Sheet as garden metal screen?

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Laser cut screen sheet as its name is produced by laser cutter, the metal is cutted by Co2 laser beam, its high speed saves lots of production time and achives the pattern diversity of the laser cutting sheet. And how can you get an ideal Garden Metal Screen? Let’s see what you need to know in the production process.

If you are looking for a laser cutting sheet as garden screen metal fence, the first thing you need to do is to find out the laser cut pattern you like, we have our laser cutting catalog for your reference, you can contact us to get it. Or you can search a pattern on line, as long as you can give us a front view picture of pattern, our designer will give you a CAD drawing for the details confirmation and we can adjust the lines according to your requirements.

After the pattern confirmation of the laser cutting sheets, next step is the material confirmation, Steel and Aluminum is the most common material, some customer also choose stainless steel material. The advantage of the steel material is that it will be stronger than the aluminum material if in same thickness, and the price will be cheaper. But it is not anti corrosion material, even generaly we will have powder coated or PVDF painted finish after laser cutting, it still risks rusting. Stainless Steel material can be strong at the same time have great anti-corrosion effect, but its price is much higher than both steel and aluminum material, surely if you have enough budget and want a long life time fence stainless steel materila will be a perfect choice.

Laser cut sheet as garden metal screen

The last process for the laser cut garden metal screen is the surface treatment of it. As mentioned above, we usually choose powder coated or PVDF painted finish, you can choose any color you like ,as long as you tell me the RAL color number or send us a color sample we can have the color you like. Difference of the two finish is that Powder coating laser cut sheet is cheaper but with shorter life time than the PVDF painting. But we will ensure our product will not fade in 5 years no matter what kind of finish you choose.

Do you have better understanding of the laser cutting sheet now? Laser cut sheet as garden metal screen is getting more and more popular, let us help you decorative your garden and protect you garden privacy!

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