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How is the standard expanding metal mesh made?

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Standard expanding metal mesh is widely using and economical. It comes in a variety of thickness and different openings.Expanding metal mesh the strands and bonds are at a uniform surface. This provides strength and allowing maximum air circulation.So how is the standard expanding metal mesh made?

The materials used to make this expanding metal could be steel plate,galvanized steel sheet, stainless steel,aluminum,etc. However, the standard material is carbon steel and aluminum.

standard expanding metal mesh process

Expanding metal mesh is produced by automatic machine,The expanding machine with the many patterns for the mesh. Raw materials sheet through the expanding machine,cut and stretched by a pressured slitting and stretching process then produces uniform holes.The finished sheet levels by levelling machine,after the quality inspection people will detected strictly.Measuring expanding metal mesh, it’s important to consider the overall size of the metal plate after it finished, its long and short way of opening, and its strand thickness and width.When it is no problem,will packed it and prepare loading.

Applications of expanding metal:

Expanding metal can used to roads,buildings,gates, partitions, fences,household equipment like shelves,walkaways,and also furniture.Also used for heavy applications like aircraft,vehicles,air filters, marine soundproof objects, thermal insulation panels,etc.

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