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How is the decorative laser cut panels made?

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So many people do not know how is the decorative laser cut panels made,why it could cutting so beautiful designs. Laser cut panels through raw materials laser cutting to the design patterns,then polishing by people,have the smooth surface. Finished patterns through powder coating or PVDF with any colours you like, to the beautiful satisfied patterns.Next quality inspector will inspection them strictly for every details,such as width,length,thickness. Finally will packed them as per customer request.

How many types of decorative laser cut panels could made

How many types of decorative laser cut panels could made?

1. Panels

2. Panels with frame

3. Panels with bending

What is the advantage do they have? interspaces

2.surface color guarantee 15 years for indoor use

3.Environment friendly

4.Good resistance to corrosion

5.easy to installation

6. beautiful surface

We provide a vast range of laser cut panels for indoor and outdoor purpose such as wall panels, facades, sunshades, dividers, fencing and more.Pattern designs include geometric patterns, leaves, trees, flowers and more any customer like.Choice us to begin a pleasant cooperation.

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