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Expanded Metal Mesh----A Versatile Product

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Through the slitting and cutting process,the metal sheet becomes the expanded metal sheet with the diamond shaped openings on it.This durable and versatile product can be used in many ways,like ceiling syetems, safety guards, screens, window security panels, signage and others.Especially in signage, shelving and ceiling tile applications,the expanded metal mesh has been widely used.There are two types of expanded metal mesh,the raised diamond shaped expanded metal mesh(the standard expanded metal mesh) and the flattend metal mesh.The mseh are made from Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel and others.

The shape of expanded metal mesh

The widely used expanded metal mesh forms in industry are diamond, circles, and squares.And in these forms the diamond expanded metal mesh are required most. Because of the feature of the diamond shape, the product has the ability to absorb the energy and resist the mechanical deformation after installation. So our company are focoused on the diamond openning shaped expanded metal mesh.Based on the different areas needs, we have the different standard expanded metal meshes,like 48×96 expanded metal mesh, North American Standard Expanded Metal, Singapore Standard Expanded Metal, Japan Standard Expanded Metal Mesh, Taiwan Standard Expanded Metal Mesh,Thailand Standard Metal Mesh and other special expanded metal mesh.

Expanded Metal Meshexpanded metal mesh

The merits of using expanded metal mesh

The expanded metal mesh is commonly used for the walkway, enclosure, trench over, protective fence, as it is a very robust and durable material.Due to these openings,the metal mesh can assure the air flow and drainage,in the meanwhile,maintain a mechanial solid barrier to heavy objects.And moreover the expanded metal mesh exposed its edges, which means it can offer greater adhesion.So it is a good choice to use in walkways and drinage cover.As for the construction industry,expanded metal is used as metal strips to support elements such as plaster, stucco or adobe in walls and other structures.As for the architecture,in the modern buildings, expanded metal and perforated mesh are an exposed decorative material. It can be transformed into simple or complex decorative petterns. Photographic images can be printed on the surface, creating textures or large graphic images that allow light to filter through the external surface of a building.Thus it can form ornamental shade.

expanded metal mesh architecture

expanded metal mesh signage

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