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Application of Perforated metal mesh

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Acoustic Control:

Perforated metal is your perfect partner for for soundproofing and for reducing acoustic emissions as well as a supporting structure for other less rigid sound-insulating materials.A number of sound baffle designs use perforated metal of specific hole size and open area that relate to the sound frequencies to be eliminated.

Light Screening & Shading:

If you're looking for a durable screening application with an added aesthetic, go for perforated metal.A wide range of powder-coated colours can be used to produce a vibrant design that can enhance the appearance of the building while providing shade.

Heat dissipation:

Components made of perforated metal sheet play an important role in thermal control, dissipating heat in cooling systems, hot air ventilators, or complex heating units.Combining practical functions with appealing aesthetics through unique patterns provides a good complement to the functionality of the product.

Protection & Guarding

Mechanical or hot surface protection can be easily manufactured with perforated metal mesh to prevent injury while allowing clear visibility of equipment or heat through.

Filtering, sieving and screening

Perforated and open areas can be precisely specified, making perforated sheets ideal for filtering, separating, or sorting materials.The area of the opening can be changed in many ways to affect the flow rate, sorting size, etc., so as to obtain higher accuracy.

Anti-Skid Walk Surfaces

The industrial floor is made of perforated and pressed metal with good grip, ensuring safe access to the work area.Especially in humid or more dust conditions.

Electrical Shrouding

Perforated metal is often used to enclose electrical components to attenuate the emitted EMI /RFT radiation and to allow ventilation at the same time. This is the best method for preventing radio interference in electronic products

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