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XS-62 Aluminum Expanded Metal Under Production For Japan Customer

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XS-62 Aluminum Expanded Metal Under Production For Japan Customer

Due to the worldwidely Corona virus COVID-19 spread, economy becomes very low, many small factories facing big chalanges, at this crucial moment, factory who has strict quality control, and can offer good price will win the market. our factory runs very busy in this hard moment.

XS series expanded metal is widely selling in Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries. It is widely used in walkway mesh, fence,decorative mesh and other usages. 

This project is for Japan customer, they have strict requirement of the hole size, outside dimension, surfacetreatment, and package.

XS-62 Expanded metal (5)

Panel size Dimension tolerance: ±2mm

XS-62 Expanded metal (4)

No bending painting break

XS-62 Expanded metal (12)

one panel in one plastic bag, 10 panels in one wooden box.

XS-62 Expanded metal (16)

XS-62 Expanded metal (11)

Aluminum expanded metal with powder coated surface treatment or PVDF surface treatment now becomes more and more popular in wall decoration and fence usage, Huijin wire mesh as the leader of the aluminum expanded mesh in this area, will give you more choices and good purchase experience. 

so have any needs of the aluminum expanded metal, do not hesitate to contact me:

Spring Wong

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