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Why the Stucco Need the Expanded Metal Lath?

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With time goes by, the dry air and or the moist environment may corrosion the surface of the stucco, plaster and veneer. It may not only effect the surface of the wall it may effect the building construction itself. Thus you need to add a a layer of the metal lath, it can stop the corrosion of the wall and can can strengthen the construction of the wall.

The metal lath is the another name of the expanded metal mesh, this type if the expanded metal mesh is especially designed for the wall construction, it is usually made of the cold rolled coil or galvanized sheet by cutting and expanding with the latest technology. The expanded metal mesh is usually has the light body and the strong bearing capacity. Thus it can be used in the building construction.

Expanded Metal Lath Offers Wall Reinforcement and Prevents Cracking

There are two type of the expanded metal mesh , the diamond-shape and the hexagon-shape. The diamond-shaped metal lath is most people first choice, it has been used in many high-rise buildings, civil house and workshops as the new material for the construction strengthen.

There is also another difference in the metal sheet, the flat sheet and the raised sheet. The flat sheet will only cause the stucco to bond only to the sheathing and not complete the embedding process.

The expanded metal lath surely can reinforce the wall construction and prevents cracking. Thus the expanded metal lath is a perfect protection product for the wall, ceiling and other building plastering works.

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