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Why Choose The Laser Cut Decorative Metal Panel?

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The decorative metal panel has been widely used in many architecture design for both interior and exterior. The decorative perforated metal mesh can offer the space the unique aesthetic value. It can use to divide the space or as the screen while allow the sound, light and the air to pass through.

laser cut metal mesh pattern

The decorative metal panel can be made by the laser cut or the press cut. There are several reasons why we use the laser cut.

Function of laser cut sheet-window screen2Function of laser cut sheet-privacy screen 4

First, must be the automation. The laser cutting is fully controlled by the CNC machine. The workers will enter the code into the computer, thus it will ensure the exactly same pattern on the metal pane and leaves no defects. Automation also means that it will reduce the labor cost, thus it will lower the product cost. You may get more reasonable price.

Second, the high precision. The laser cutters have highly detailed capabilities, able to create small cuts and tight tolerances. If you are strict with the pattern precision, the laser cut would be on your top of the list. They create smooth, sharp, and clean edges and curves. And it will leave no burring for it would be melt.

Third, the multiple combination of the design. You can enter any design to the computer. All size of the metal panel can be fit in the machine. The laser cutters are accurate and precise, you can be sure that the end result is of the highest quality.

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