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What’s the usage of perforate metal in food processing and agriculture?

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The first requirement for any material used by the food and agriculture industry is exceptional cleanliness and hygiene. The many varieties of perforated metals easily meet this essential standard and are used for cleaning, heating, steaming and draining food products during preparation.

Perforated metal or perforated sheets used in the agricultural or food processing industry are used in a wider variety of applications, including baking trays, cleaning screens, sieves and filters, malt floors, food seperators, coffee screens and pulpers, fly mesh and screens.

For example, perforated metal can be used in cereal processing, pre-cleaning.

perforated metal used in cereal processing, pre-cleaning

In cereal processing, perforated metals are used for screening raw grains and removing unwanted materials mixed with the grains. They gently and thoroughly remove unwanted materials from all kinds of crops such as dirt, shells, stones, and small bits from corn, rice, and legume, etc.

We offer a large range of precision slot and round hole perforation patterns in various thicknesses and materials for your specific need.

Perforated Metal Mesh Filter Basket

Perforated Metal Mesh Filter Basket

The stainless steel basket filters are mainly used for the filtration of air, the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil, hydraulic pressure and air pressure system.

This type of filter element is made of perforated metal sheet cut and welded into cylindrical tube forms. The perforated metal materials are popularly stainless steel sheet punched with round openings. Fixed to the bottom and top rims, with or without handles.

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