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What's the production process of aluminum expanded mesh?

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What's the production process of aluminum expanded mesh?

As all we known, the aluminum expanded mesh is perforating by the special machine. But what's the detailed production process of aluminum expanded mesh? Let's see the following steps of the anodized alu expanded mesh:

First step: Ordering the raw material Second: Peforating the mesh

Raw Material of aluminum expanded mesh

Producing aluminum Expanded mesh

Step 3: Cuuting the aluminum expanded mesh into required size

Cutting the aluminum expanded mesh

scrap expanded mesh

Step 4:  Leveling the aluminum expanded mesh, it will be more flat

aluminum expanded mesh-levling

aluminum expanded mesh 2

Step 5: Anodizind the aluminum expanded mesh
first, we need to wash the oil on the mesh surface then, we put the mesh into the oxidation pool

Washing aluminum expanded mesh

Anodizing aluminum expanded mesh

Step 6: Packing the aluminum expanded mesh 

packing aluminum expanded mesh

packing aluminum expanded mesh in wooden case

Step 7: Loading and Delivery

Specification of this aluminum expanded mesh
Thickness Strand width SWD LWD

aluminum expanded mesh-specification

aluminum expanded mesh-specification strand

aluminum expanded mesh-specification SWD

aluminum expanded mesh-specification LWD

OK, all above is the main content I want to show you today. Hope it is helpful for you!

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