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What’s the different machine and production process of flat expanded mesh?

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What’s the different machine and production process of flat expanded mesh?


We know the expanded mesh is strectched mesh, but what’s the different machines? And how is it produced?

Let’s see the following:


Expanded mesh is made of thick steel plates through professional machinery and equipment. Expanded mesh machinery and equipment are divided into light, medium, and super heavy models.

 Machine of Expanded metal mesh

Light and medium-sized expanded metal mesh machines mainly produce expanded metal with smaller diameters. If cold-rolled plate is used as the material, coiled plate can be used as the material, so that a longer net length can be produced.


The advantage of the super-heavy machine is that it can use hot-rolled sheets with a thickness of 2-8 mm, and the widest width is two meters, but the length of the net is limited by the length of the raw material.


There are many technological processes in the production of expanded metal mesh, mainly using high-quality metal sheets, and the mesh of expanded metal mesh can be shaped after this process through the slitting of expanded metal machinery and equipment.


After the whole stretch of the mesh finished, the inspector will measure and testing the mesh to ensure that the length and width of the steel mesh meet the requirements.

 measuring the expanded metal mesh

After the inspection reaches the standard, the expanded metal mesh will be flatting, and the surface of the expanded metal is flattened by a double-extrusion forming flat machine. During the whole process, the flattener must check whether the mesh is firmly connected.

 Flatting the expanded metal mesh

After flatting the mesh, then it will be leveling by the leveling machine.

leveling expanded metal mesh

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