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What’s popular type of safety grating used for boarding ladder steps?

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What’s popular type of safety grating used for boarding ladder steps?


The boarding ladder steps often use the safety grating as pedal, and the styles of safety grating are also diverse.

According to the hole type, it can be divided into: convex safety grating, diamond hole safety grating, Per-O safety grating and so on.

According to the material, it can be divided into: stainless steel safety grating, aluminum safety grating, carbon steel safety grating, galvanized safety grating.


The most commonly used is the galvanized diamond hole safety grating, mainly because of its characteristics:

 Diamond hole safety grating 2  Diamond hole safety grating

First, Good anti-skid performance:

The anti-skid performance of diamond hole safety grating is higher in many anti-skid products. The serrated hole pattern of the diamond hole increases the conflict with shoes, making the anti-skid effect better.


Second, the physical structure planning is reasonable:

The diamond hole of the safety grating is designed to be vacant in the middle, and the serrations of the diamond hole are prominent. This planning not only saves raw materials, but also increases the conflict between the product and the touch object.


Third, Beautiful and elegant, strong decoration:

The hole shape of the diamond hole gives the impression that it is beautiful and elegant, with very good decoration.


Fourth, Conducive to discharge, no dirt accumulation.

The common hole design can quickly filter liquid, mud, rain and snow without affecting the anti-skid effect. Especially in the planning of some ship decks and outdoor stairs.

Diamond hole safety grating -width  Diamond hole safety grating -length  Diamond hole safety grating -thickness

Diamond hole safety grating -bending side  Diamond hole safety grating -height  

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