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What is wire mesh?

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Wire mesh is also konwn as wire fabric and wire cloth. It is produced by special weaving machine with single or multiple warp wire and weft wire. The warp wire create flexibility, while the weft wire provide stability. The stainless-steel decorative metal woven wire mesh is widely used as architectural curtain wall cladding decoration.

wire mesh

wire mesh

What is wire mesh used for?

Wire mesh’strength is available to apply in industrial settings and it’s aesthetics feature  enhance the architectural designs, and the versatility to fulfill a variety of functions.The wire mesh is a quite versatile product. Routinely incorporated in signs, railing infills, cabinet inserts, plant screens and in other applications, this dynamic product family suits nearly any design, like balcony, airport, hotel, museum, exhibition center, shopping mall, restaurant, commercial office, hotel etc. Its lightweight properties make it easy to cut-to-size and handle during installation. If you concentrate on the product’s weight problem, before you buy it please watch throughly about the  specification of the product.You can watch more specification of the product in the product page.

wire mesh

wire mesh

Features of the wire mesh

It can offer a better visual than the wall. It has more sturdy, durable, and flexible construction, so it require low maintenance and can be easily installed. Its openings can allow air, sound, light to go through. Its metallic character can help it proof fire.With less waste of metal material,it’s more eco-friendly and economical.

wire mesh

wire mesh

The characterization of wire mesh

Material: SS 304, 316,

Opening size: 2mmx1mm to 100mmx10mm

Warp wire diameter: 0.45mm to 3mm

Weft wire diameter: 0.5mm to 4mm

Width: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, to 8mmax

Length: 10m is standard. It can be different according to customer’s request.

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