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What is traction tread

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What is traction tread

1. Definition

Traction Tread Flooring feature a surface with hundreds of perforated buttons that provide slip-resistance in all directions making it a practical choice for industrial applications. Traction Tread is also appropriate for commercial applications where pedestrian traffic is a consideration, perfectly suited for ADA-compliant requirements.

2. Types

Traction Tread Safety Flooring Traction Tread Safety Plank Traction Tread Ladder Rung

Traction Tread Safety Flooring

• Hot rolled, pickled, galvanized and oiled carbon steel

• Aluminum alloy 

• 304 stainless steel 

Traction Tread Planks feature a moderate slip-resistance

surface designed for maximum versatility. Planks are kind to knees and hands in commercial applications, including

scaffolding. Surface textures work well for cart and wheeled traffic.

Material Options:

• Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel

• Mill-galvanized steel

• Aluminum alloy

• Hot dipped galvanized after fabrication

Traction Tread Ladder Rungs feature a hand-over-hand friendly surface with moderate slip resistance. Products are sold in efficient lengths, well suited to fabricators of ladders. Vehicle applications are extensive.

Material Options:

• Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel

• Aluminum alloy 

3. Features

• Appropriate for commercial & industrial applications where pedestrian traffic is a consideration

• Perfectly suited for ADA-compliant requirements

• Easily adapted for a multitude of applications, offering a safe walking-working surface for walkways, ramps, stair treads and equipment platforms

• Ideal for the manufacture of special and fabricated products, and is often used as a reconditioning material over existing surfaces that do not provide slip-resistance

• Can be cut to order

• Variations of hole patterns are available upon request

• Special fabrication, cutting or specialty configurations available upon request

4. Apllications

• Work platforms, industrial flooring, catwalks, balconies, storage areas, walkways, and stair treads

• Pedestrian walkways, scaffolding planks, mezzanines, stair treads and resurfacing of worn materials

• Process plant, grain elevator, refinery, concrete and aggregate, paper mills, mining and other industrial walkway or conveyor systems

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