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What is the galvanizing

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Do you know galvanizing ? Galvanized steel has the great performance of slip resitance. Galvanized steel is available in many of our products (expanded metal, safety grating, perforated metal, laser cut panel, etc.). I will write more details about galvanizing, please check the following:

Galvanizing is divided into cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. The most commonly used technique is hot galvanizing. The production process of hot-dip galvanized sheet mainly includes: the preparation of original sheet- pre-galvanizing treatment-hot plastic dipping- post-galvanizing treatment -the inspection finished product, etc. 

Hot galvanized is divided into hot galvanized plate and hot galvanized after expanding. Hot galvanized after expanding is more smooth than hot galvanized plate, but it's more expansive than hot galvanized plate because the performance of hot galvanized after expanding is better than hot galvanized plate.

Cold galvanized don't have cold galvanized plate and only have cold galvanized after expanding. The rust resistance function of cold galvanizing is not as good as hot galvanizing but its surface is more beautiful than cold galvanizing. Hot galvanizing is usually more expensive than cold galvanizing because of it has better rust resistance, high zinc content and strong adhesion.

I attached several pictures for your reference, please check the following:

Cold safety grating hot galvanized plate hot galvanized expanded metal
cold galvanized safety grating hot galvanized plate  hot galvanized expanded metal

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