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What is the difference between electric-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized?

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What is the difference between electric-galvanized and hot dipped galvanized? 

1. Different definitions


Cold galvanized coatings are mainly used for corrosion protection through electric chemical principles. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the zinc powder and the steel are in full contact to produce electrode potential differences, so the surface treatment of the steel is very important.


Hot-dip galvanizing is to immerse the derusted steel parts in a molten zinc solution at about 500°C to attach a zinc layer to the surface of the steel parts to achieve the purpose of corrosion protection.


2. Different processes


Cold galvanizing uses electrolysis equipment to degrease and pickle the pipe fittings and put them in a solution of zinc salt, and connect them to the negative electrode of the electrolysis equipment.


Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished product pickling-washing-adding auxiliary plating solution-drying-rack plating-cooling-chemical treatment-cleaning-polishing-hot-dip galvanizing is completed.


3. Different features


Cold galvanizing is more environmentally friendly, and the composition does not contain heavy metals such as Ph, cr, Hg; the thickness is thin, and the thickness of the electric-galvanized layer is generally only 20-30μm;


Hot-dip galvanizing is the most widely used and has the best performance-price ratio; the thickness is large, while the hot-dip galvanizing layer is generally above 35μm, even up to 200μm; the corrosion resistance is much higher than that of cold galvanizing.

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