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What is perf-o grip

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What is perf-o grip

Recently, our company export a batch of perf-o grip to America. Today let me introduce the Perf-o grip for you.

1.The definition of the perf-o grip:          

Perf-O-Grip is a plank metal grating offering a slightly less aggressive surface than Grip Strut. Perf-O-Grip Grating’s unique surface of large de-bossed holes and perforated buttons provides slip protection under practically all conditions. Perf-O-Grip Safety Grating is available in a wide variety of standard widths and channel heights, non-standard shapes and sizes may also be available, making Perf-O-Grip a versatile product which can be utilized to meet almost any application's requirements.

2. The features and benefits of the perf-o grip:

1)Large de-bossed holes provide at least 50% free air opening

2)Smooth continuous edge of de-bossed holes prevents debris from adhering to walkway surface

3)Walking surface offers slip resistance without excessive abrasive characteristics

4)Light weight one piece metal construction

5)Virtually maintenance free

3. The applications of the perf-o grip:

Perf-o grip safety gratings are widely used for underfoot security in loading docks, steel towers & poles, sea oil wells, mining, building constructions, canyon walkways.

-Work platforms.

-Industrial flooring.





-Storage areas.


-Stair treads.

-Ladder rungs.

I have attached some pictures for your reference, please check.

Perf-o grip Perf-o grip Perf-o grip

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