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What is high rib lath?

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High Rib Lath also known as Rib lath, is one kind of expanded mesh. But it is different with normal expanded metal, its herringbone mesh pattern and V-shaped ribs helps increase tensile strength and give a uniform plastering depth over a large coating area. Compared with common metal lath, V ribs provide strengthed supporting capacity and its unique structure offers better permeability, so that the hi rib lath will greatly Enhance the Stucco Bonding Capacity When we plastering the wall and ensure the buiding safety.

- Popular sizes of the rib lath

Most of the rib lath is made of galvanized plate, The good quality of the galvanized steel material is very keyful for the work time of the lath, including the high zinc coating, and low tolerance of the material thickness. Huijin factory always choose G60 material produced by big steel factory, which will meet both the zinc coating and thickness requirement.

Till now, the best selling size for North America is G60 3/8’’ High Rib Lath, G60 means zinc coating must reach 180g/sqm, and 3/8’’ means the V-shaped ribs’ height is 3/8’’. there will be totally 7 ribs for one 27’’ width rib lath panels, and the distance between the two rib is 4’’.

Std. Wt./Sq. Yd.

Sheet Size

Pieces Per Bundle

Bundles Per Pallet

Sq. Yds. Per Bundle


27″ x 97″




For the same size 3/8’’ high rib lath, there are also difference of with or without paper at back side.

3/8’’ high rib lath without paper

high rib lath without paper

3/8’’ high rib lath with paper also called 3/8’’ Spray rib lath

The function of the brown kraft paper backing (between ribs), is to help prevent loss of plaster over open framing or when spray-applied via the use of the plaster pump.

brown kraft paper backing (between ribs)

-Function of the High Rib Lath

It is commonly used for


ceiling under steel

wood joist construction

metal-reinforced concrete floors

metal-reinforced concrete floors

After the introduction of the high rib lath, wish you have got a better understanding of it, what’s more, we also wish you will have a better understanding of the high rib lath that Huijin Produced, our production process as following:

high rib lath process

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