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What is expanded metal mesh?

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Expanded is consider as a subsitute of sheet metal and wire mesh. It bonds some of the best merits of these two products.The expanded metal mesh is stronger than wire mesh. But the expanded metal mesh has better air flow and drainage than the tradtional metal mesh.The expanded metal mesh is versatile, solid and durable.Expanded metal mesh is made by slitting and streching the metal sheet to form different holes and sizes.The metal sheet is the compressed and stretched material.There are two different types of expanded metal mesh:the raised and the flattend.

expanded metal mesh

expanded metal mesh

How is the expanded metal mesh made

The processing of manufacturing the expanded metal sheet is quite different.

During the processing of making raised expanded metal, the specific dimensions of the expanded metal sheet is determined by the expander and the sheet metal thickness. Because of the expanding equipment,the metal mesh have a little chance, in somewhat, a rounded apperence.

raised expanded metal mesh

The flattend expanded metal mesh has to go through a cold rolling steel to fltten the mesh.This change the appearance of the metal sheet.In this process,the metal mesh can become more thinner, flatter, wider, and longer.This type of metal mesh may have a slightly different forom the original. Because it’s difficult to predict what would happen during the flattening process. But we would try to control the data discrepancy.

flattend expanded metal mesh

The specification of expanded metal mesh

Before you place your order,please makesure that you’re clear abou the term.

Material: the expanded metal mesh is determined by the metal sheet

Strand: the wide of the expanded metal grating

Thickness: the thickness of a strand of expanded metal.

SWO: ( short way of opening) The distance of the short diamond diagonal,especially the inside edges between the bonds.

LWO: (long way of opening) The diatance of the long diamond diagonal,especially the inside edges between the bonds.

the term of expanded metal mesh

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