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What is Grip Strut Safety Grating?

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What is Grip Strut Safety Grating?

There are too many types of Safety Grating,now let introduce the most popular types for you.Different patterns of safety grating used for different area. Now let introduce grip strut grating for you.

Grip Strut Safety Grating also named diamond safety grating.According to their application it can be divide into heavy duty grip safety grating,Stair treads grip strut safety grating,standard grip strut safety grating and oily environments grip strut safety grating and so on.

 aluminum grip strut safety gratingmild steel safety gratingaluminum grip strut safety grating

Grip Strut Safety Grating Features

1. Serrated edges around diamond shaped opening provide slip resistance.

2. Light Weight

3. Long life

4. Simple and economical installation

5. Can be easy formed in standard channel or custom patterns

grip strut safety grating cuttinggrip strut safety grating punchinggrip strut safety grating bending

grip strut safety grating galvanizeddiamond safety gratinggrip strut safety grating loading

Grip Strut Safety Grating Application

It is widly used to the outdoor of sewage treatment water power plant and other industrial industries. The non-skid pedal of vehicle and the step board of train climbing ladder are also used for non-skid mechanical and non-skid interior decoration

 grip strut safety grating walkwayDiamond safety grating applicationsafety grating for Huangshan Walkway project

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