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What is Aluminum Expanded Metal

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1. Definition 

Aluminum Expanded Metal is formed by slitting and stretching process. It is commonly used as the interior ceiling system and the exterior curtain wall.

 aluminum expanded metal

2. Production technology

Aluminum Expanded Metal is punched and stretched from aluminum plate, without welding and weaving, so the structure is simple and strong, and there will be no welding or stripping.

The surface treatments of Aluminum Expanded Metal mainly include powder coating, pvdf and Anodizing.

PVDF aluminum expanded metalPowder coating aluminum expanded metal meshanodizing aluminum expanded metal

4. Feature

  • Beautiful and generous on appearance

  • Good rust protection performance

  • Environmental protection

  • High visibility

  • Good acid and alkali resistant performance

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Good strength

  • Lightweight 

  • High raw material utilization rate

  • Durability


5. Application

It mainly used for interior ceiling decoration and exterior curtain wall cladding such as at hotel, airport, railway station, conference hall, government office, office building, restaurant, stadium etc. I attached several photos of our projects.

Aluminum expanded metalAluminum expanded metal 2Aluminum expanded metal 3

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