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What Is Raised Expanded Metal?

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Today we are living in the concrete jungle, all the buildings are commonly made of steel. These buildings can serve a long time almost 100 years. Because of its versatility, nearly all the buildings around us are made of various types of steel. The expanded metal is the most common seen.

Hexagonal-hole-shape-expanded-meshaluminum-expanded-mesh-ceiling-installation photos

The raised expanded metal is also known as the standard metal. The standard expanded metal comes from pressing after being die cut and expanded. Afer dying and expanding, it would leave a horizontal angles on the raised metal, thus the expanded metal have an uneven surface. We have the standard type of the expandendmetal mesh. You also can customize your own product, based on your needs you can customize the size and thickness of the sheet, the holes and the strands around them are uniform in size and thickness.

In our daily life, we can normally seen the raised metal used as the fences, walkways, and grates. But beyond what we can directly see, the expanded metal also can be used as the filter cartridge. The structure od expanded metal is more durable and strong. The opening holes allow the air, liquid, light and sound to pass through while block the impurities. The structure of the expanded metal is slightly weaker than the raised metal. Because the strands of the raised metak can support more weight than flat expanded metal.

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