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The introduction and performance of Diamond Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh

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Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh is made from aluminum plate that is uniformly punched, slit and stretched, constituting openings of standard diamond or rhombic shapes. Under normal conditions, the aluminum mesh plate will be in shape for a long time after being expanded. The diamond-shaped structure and trusses make this type of mesh grille strong and firm.

The materials are avaliable in aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized, at the meanwhile accessible with different sizes, weights and finishes. We mostly adopt expanded meshs made from aluminum. When it comes to the surface treatment, we process the expanded metal mesh with powder coating or PVDF. 

Aluminum Expanded Metal Mesh     The aluminum expanded metal mesh

Diamond aluminum expanded meshs provide not only the security, privacy and ventilation, but also have the aesthetic appeal which often utilized for decorative and functional occasions. With the characteristic of the sturdiness and durablity, aluminum expanded meshes own outstanding corrosion resistance and long life-time.

Expanded aluminum mesh is both versatile and economical. It is more cost-effective than perforated metals. Because it is slit and expanded, it creates less materials waste during production, thus you don't have to pay for the material loss in the manufacturing process.

The diamond aluminum expanded panel manufactured by our company adapts for usages in various archetectural projects. There are a variety of applications of our aluminum expanded panel, including room dividers, sunshade screens and building curtain wall panels. We sincerely hope our customers to inquire about our diamond aluminum metal meshes.

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