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The economical Aluminum expanded metal mesh

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Aluminum Decorative Expanded Metal Plate for Architectural Use

Aluminum expanded metal mesh is manufactured by exerting perforation and subsequent stretching of the aluminum metal sheet, which constitutes a consecutive web grid consisting of diamond-shaped holes located rigorously staggered at regular intervals, not having any woven or welded relations.

At the subsequent rolling, expanded metal sheet can achieve uniform thickness and smooth surface, which forms flattened expanded sheet. But without the rolling, the sheet has a raised surface. Hole openings are nominally measured the long way of the diamond and the short way of the diamond.

We provide standard surfaces such as the flattened and smooth or raised surfaces since the raised or standard expanded sheets offer a skid-resistant surface and a high strength-to-weight ratio. We can produce aluminum expanded metal in standard and flattened, heavy duty and light duty metal mesh types and in a variety of patterns, designs and sizes.

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