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The difference between PVDF and powder coating

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The difference between PVDF and powder coating

Many people don't know about PVDF and powder coating. Today I will explain the difference between PVDF and powder coating in detail.

1. Paint used

For PVDF, the paint used is PVDF fluorocarbon paint and PVDF special primer, both of which are solvent-based liquid paints.

For powder coating, the coating used is powder coating, commonly known as plastic powder. The main types are: epoxy polyester powder coating (indoor plastic powder), polyester powder coating (field plastic powder), epoxy powder coating (anticorrosive powder). Powder coatings are solvent-free solid coatings.

2. Spraying technology

Both powder coating and PVDF are suitable for assembly line spraying.

PVDF coating can be electrostatic spraying or general spraying.

Electrostatic spraying, friction gun spraying, fluidized bed spraying and other methods are used for powder coatings. The first is electrostatic spraying.

3. Baking temperature

PVDF coating baking test temperature: 230°C, 15min.

Powder coating baking temperature: indoor plastic powder 180℃, 20min; outdoor plastic powder: 200℃, 20min;

4. Weather resistance (outdoor UV resistance, yellowing resistance, gloss and color retention, wind and sun resistance)

PVDF: more than 15 years,

Powder coating (pure polyester powder), 7-8 years.

But these two kinds of spraying can be customized according to the American standard AAMA, such as AAMA 2604, AAMA 2605...

5. Paint film thickness

PVDF: 35-60um.

Powder coating: 60-120um, depending on the type of difference.

6. Appearance

PVDF: plain, metallic. The gloss is generally not high.

Powder coating: artistic paints such as plain color, metallic color, wrinkle, sand pattern, etc. It can be made in bright, matte, matt, etc.



Powder coating

                                          Powder coating

The above is the difference between PVDF and powder coating. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact me for inquiries:

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