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The application and property of Architectural Decorative Mesh

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We can supply a series of Architectural Decorative Mesh that is suitable in real cases of applications, and formed in different colors, sizes and openings. Here are the benefits that the decorative mesh brings to our production and daily life.

Continuity--the mesh is made from a complete piece of metal

Environment friendly--no wasteful of material.

High strength--higher strength to weight ration than metal sheet

Adherence--anti slip surface of the architectural decorative meshes

Outstanding performance of noise and fluid filtration--excludes and retains simultaneously

Good rigidity--premium reinforcement properties

Excellent conductivity--highly efficient conductor

Screening practical and effective light filtration

Superb resistance to corrosion

Architectural Decorative Mesh     Architectural Decorative Mesh

There are applications and projects below.

Decorative Mesh is a key material for building and architecture engineering. It is used for ventilating, security and decorations. Its material is lightweight and its openings allow the passages of air, light, heat and sound. In addition, architectural decorative mesh formed with decorative diamond pattern can be used aesthetically. 

And it may be found in applications like grating, shelving, partitions, ceiling tiles, archtectural cladding and more. The decorative meshes can also be widely applied in filtration, laths, screen, fences, breeding, battery or other industries.

Architectural decorative meshes are intended for cladding purposes and used for museum and construction projects. For example, we use decorative meshes in Lath Cladding, which had better be the anodized aluminum cladding panel that applys to requirements. Physical test for Architectural decorative mesh panels is required to check the performance loading.

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