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The advantages of aluminum expanded mesh ceiling

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The advantages of aluminum expanded mesh ceiling

The advantages of aluminum expanded mesh ceiling: three-dimensional, transparent, fashionable, and various styles; And according to customer requirements, there are a variety of mesh hole shapes and sizes for selection.

aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-diamond hole  

1. The features of aluminum expanded mesh ceiling:

First: The aluminum expanded mesh ceiling system has an open and transparent view. It is one of the best choices for modern office buildings, airports, subway stations, high-speed railway stations and other buildings.

Second: The aluminum stretched mesh ceiling and the metal frame form a transparent ceiling surface, and the system can be either open-bone or dark-bone. This structure is a one-way parallel keel hook-up structure (refer to the "Z" series for details, aluminum gusset ceiling installation structure, simple and stable, and some structures have special windproof functions.

Third: The structure is simple. This structure is a one-way parallel keel hook structure, and this structure has a windproof function. The connection mode can choose the concealed type and hook on type.

Fourth: The transparent grid ceiling presents a simple, beautiful, overall, sound-absorbing function and strong sound-absorbing occasions, such as concert halls, bars, dance halls, etc., which can be built in the grid ceiling surface.

Sound insulation cotton can create a perfect sound absorption effect.

aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-concealed type  aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-installation photos

2. The information of expanded metal mesh suspended ceiling:

Sheet shape: square, rectangle

Mesh shape: four-sided rhombus, six-sided honeycomb, made of aluminum or galvanized steel

Material: aluminum, aluminum alloy

Production process: cold forming

Surface treatment: powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying

Thickness: 1.0mm-3.0mm

aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-installation photos  aluminum expanded mesh ceiling-hexogonal hole  

Note: The grid width can be customized according to customer requirements: conventional sizes are 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm, , or according to design requirements.


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