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The Wholesale of Expanded Metal Mesh

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The expanded metal mesh is the whole metal sheet, after slitting and stretching the metal sheet can form the diamond-shaped hole. It has been widely used in many industries, like screens, window security panels, machine guards and other working places. Nowadays the expanded metal mesh are become more popular, the application of the expanded metal mesh are beyond our imagination, it can also me used as the decoration product, like shelving, signage and ceiling tile. There are two types of the expanded metal mesh, the standard type and the flat type. The material of the expanded metal mesh are available, which include aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. After the secondary process, the expanded metal can  be made into gratings and catwalk grating. The mumerous gauge, opening sizes and sheet sizes all can be customized.


The expanded metal mesh is much stronger than the other mesh products. It has not been pressed and punched like the perforated metal mesh and it is not weaved like woven mesh, so it would not ravel in the actual use. The manufacturer process of the expanded metal mesh has no punching part, thus it would not waste any material at all. When you are using the expanded metal mesh , there are two points, the thickness of the metal sheet and the strand dimension, need to take into consideration.


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