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The Laser Cut Panels Offer You Both View and Privacy

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When you are in the outdoors you want to protect your privacy while you don’t want walls to block the view. Obviously, walls won’t be on the top of your choice list. Nowadays, the designers prefer a veratile product, the laser cut panels.


Tje laser cut panels can be used in many ways--indoors and outdoors,in the private buildings and public spaces.

Our HUIJIN Laser Cut Panels has differnent patterns,and it even can be customized. We can manufacturer the laser cut panels based on your needs.

Our products go through a special anti-rusting treatment. The surface layers has coated with different material.So you can choose the surface treatment according to your using products enviroment.

When you are in home after a tedious long day, you don’t want to get bothered by the pedestrian on the walkway or talking to your nosy neighbors. Fences would be a great choice to draw a line between you and the noisy world. Our laser cut panels as fencies can add more aestheic view to your fences. The unique hole can let the light go through, so it can create beautiful shades. And the laser cut panels are made of metals, thus, it can be more solid thann you thought.

Our laser cut metal screens can accentuate the beauty of any garden or outdoor area.It is not only a practical product but also a decorative product. It would definitely be the eye-catching fences in your neighborhood.


Our screens make an excellent backdrop to a spectacular flowering plant, or can be used to create a tranquil rest area away from the cares of the world. The pre-rusted surface of the panels lends them an organic warmth that blends beautifully with nature.

If you have a space under your house that you use for storage, some laser cut privacy panels make an excellent barrier that not only blocks the clutter from view, but adds to the beauty of your house.

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