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The Japanese Industrial Expanded Metal

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The Japanese Industrial Standard specifies steel expanded metals to be used for civil engineering, construction and common use to mining and industry. The matal laths specified in JIS A 5505 are excluded from the application of this standard. There are normally two tyeps of the JIS expanded metals, the XG type and the XS type. The XG type stands for the grating metal and the XS type stands for the standard metal.

All the products has been gone through the specified tests, like the inspection on the appearence, shape, dimensions, mass, chemical composition, tension test and bend test.

And you can find the results on the product, the results can be told through the marks. Each qualified product shall be clearly marked with the particulars described below on each bundle by a subttle means.

Symbol for type

Product number


Evidential mark of inspection passing

Name of manufacturer or its abbreviation

The expanded metal shall be designated in the order of the type, product number and finushed dimensions. For example, the grating of S 1829 mm, L914 mm and product number 11 shall be designated as follows:

Example: XG11-S1829*L914

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