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The Hole Type of Expanded Metal Sheet

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The Hole Type of Expanded Metal Sheet

We know the expanded metal mesh can be sorted out according to different standard. Today let 's see the different type accoording to the hole shape.

Frist, the most usual hole shape: Diamond hole expanded metal sheet

Diamond hole  Diamond hole- application  Diamond hole- application2

Second, another popular hole type: Hexagonal hole expanded metal sheet

Hexagonal hole  Hexagonal hole-application

Third, the beautiful hole: Triangle hole expanded metal sheet

Triangle hole  Triangle hole- application

Forth, the fish scale hole expanded metal sheet

Fish scale hole  Fish scale hole-application

Fifth, one of the most popular types: Gothic expanded metal sheet--gothic hole

Gothic hole  Gothic hole-application

Sixth, another popular flower mesh

Irregular hole  Irregular hole-application

Seventh, new type expanded mesh

New type

For above patterns, most of them are often used to make decoration. Some of them also can be used in the industry.

Next time I will show you the industry use.

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