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Thailand Expanded Metal sheet

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Thailand Expanded Metal usually has XS and XG series. It is also used for Japan and South Africa market. Standard sheet size usually 4ftx8ft,5ftx10ft.
  • HJE-2251
  • carbon steel, galvanized or aluminum
  • walkway, enclosure, indoor ceiling system, protective fence, trench cover, vehicle grille etc.

Induction Of Thailand Expanded Metal Mesh:

Thailand Standard Expanded metal comes from pressing after being die cut and expanded.  It mainly has XS and XG series, also standard type ( also named raised or regular type) and flattened type. The material is available for carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel etc.

Thailand expanded metal

When you order Thailand expanded metal,pls state:

Style: for example XS-31,XS32,XS33,etc

Sheet size:standard size 4ftx8ft,5ftx10ft.

Weight: we will provide as your requested weight/pcs

Quantity: 200sheets or others

The following data are based Standard type at sheet size 1220mmx2440mm,carbon steel.

Style LWD x SWD SWM(mm) LWM(mm) Strand(mm) Thickness(mm)
XS-31 30.5X12 2440 1220 1.5 1.2
XS-32 30.5X12 2440 1220 2 1.6
XS-33 30.5X12 2440 1220 3 2.3
XS-41 50.8X22 2440 1220 2 1.6
XS-42 50.8X22 2440 1220 2.5 2.3
XS-43 50.8X22 2440 1220 3.5 3.2
XS-52 61X25 2440 1220 2.5 1.6
...... ......
..... ....... ....... ........
XS-92 304.8X115 2440 1220 6 4.5
XS-93 304.8X115 2440 1220 7 6

Characteristics of Thailand Expanded Metal:

- Less weight with strong structure

- Cost effective- without material waste

- Allows ventilation of light,air and sound,better used for screens or filter.

- Easy installation

Thailand Expanded metals has wide applications in all walks of life, such as:

- Walkway, stair treads,platform in workshop,

- Screening, safety guards, 

- Security installations, 

- Decorative racks, 

- Suspended ceiling, 

 -Pedestrian barrier, 

 -Grilles, balustrades, 

 - Fencing, 

- Building Facade

However, there are some styles are popular at some specific use, such as:

XS Expanded Metal is quite widely used for both industry and construction,including :

  1. XS-63 Expanded metal for Walkway

  2. XS-53 Expanded Metal for Grating

  3. XS-42,XS-32 expanded metal for safety Gates

  4. XS-71 expanded metal for protection fencing

  5. XS-42,XS32 expanded metal for metal ceilings

  6. XS-52,XS32 expanded metal for architectural balustrade

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