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Standard Flattened Diamond Pattern Expanded Metal

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Manufactured by passing the standard expanded sheet through a cold-roll reducing mill. The metal sheets are slit and stretched with each stroke of the upper  die, forming a uniform diamond pattern. Stretched metal mesh has flat neat surface with no burrs. The stretched metal sheet ( black steel or galvanized steel) is available with different hole apertures and sheet thicknesses  for construction of fencing system, ventilation sheet or wall cladding decoration uses.


 It is easily processing, has uniform stretched holes and has versatile applications.

Flat metal mesh sheet offers high rigidity in a variety of sizes and weights. The angles of the diamond strands allow maximum air circulation and distribute stress on the metal to supporting frames. The galvanized steel and black steel expanded diamond mesh  is the  most versatile expanded sheet materials. It  can be made with different hole  apertures and metal thicknesses to suit specific individual applications.


Standard Diamond Mesh  fabricated from low carbon steel plates  is ideal for use wherever a strong, durable, lightweight surface is needed, some of typical uses as following:

• Sunshade and Ventilation Screening  effect - light and vision can be controlled
         • Processed in forms of angle beads or corner beads. Working as A  reinforcing agent - in concrete, plaster and wall buildings.
         • Heat  conduction and diffusion sheet - for grills and high temperature processing
         • Security and  safety - for fencing, cages and enclosures, machine guarding, shielding panels
         • Architectural Cladding Panels - for protection and decoration of roof, wall, facade and interior and exterior partitions.

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