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Several points about the hole size of expanded metal

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Several points about the hole of expanded metal

When you want the price of expanded metal, you have to provide the hole size. The hole size of expanded metal includes SWDXLWD, SWOXLWO, Strand Width.  LWD X SWD is the size of outer hole and LWO X SWO is the size of the inner hole. I attached a picture for your reference.

expanded metal

About the hole size, there're three points need to be noted, please check the following:

  1. Two times of the strand width must be smaller than the SWD, otherwise there will be no holes.  If two times of the strand width is bigger than the SWD, this hole size is wrong.

  2. Expanded mesh is also known as stretched mesh. As the name implies, the raw material must be stretched before it can be pulled out. The proportion is very important. 2 times of the SWD must be less than or equal to the LWD. However, it's doesn't mean if the SWD *2 are greater than or equal to the LWD, you can't produce it.  You can change it a little bit, but you can't pull it out if you change it too much.

  3. You must indicate the direction of the hole when you ask the price. For example, if you want the size of 1220x2440mm. You need to say you want 1220(SWD)x2440(LWD) or 2440(SWD)x1220(LWD). I attached two pictures for your reference, please check.

    expanded metal
    expanded metal
    1220mm x 2440mm(SWDXLWD) 2440mm x 1220mm(SWDXLWD)

That's all, many thanks for watching. If anything need to make clear, please let me know. I'm very glad to do my best to help you.

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