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Regular Expanded Metal Classification And Usage

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Regular Expanded metal is punched and stretched from a unique metal plate. The punching and stretching process does not include any interweaving, inter slotting, blazing or welding. The uncut junction is much stronger than the joints of welds, and can support higher weight. Higher strength-to-weight ratio than the original sheet material. The stretched expanded metal holes allow free passage to light, heat, sound and air. And different with the perforated metal, expanded metal doesnt waste any material during the production, so it shares more competitive price than the perforated sheet.

standard expanded metal_副本

Our company is dedicated in standard expanded metal exporting, with more than 20 years experience, we know each countirirs requirements well, most popular size selling in Japan, Thailand, other Asian Countries and South Africa are XS, XG , S and G series expanded metal, such as XS32 raised expanded metal, S-6 Gothic mesh are all popular size. Dimension always be 4FT*8FT .For North America market, EMMA standard is the common requirement.Such as 3/4#9, 1/2#16, and so on, Dimension size always be 4ft*8ft and 4ft*12ft.

S-6 expanded metal3/4#9 standard expanded metal

Ceartainly these sizes are not all settled, some customers may require some changes, for example, S6 expanded metal also called Gothic mesh, we not only do it in 2.3mm thickness but also 2.75mm thickness and 3.2mm thickness. That means all sizes could be customized, we can also do many others sizes, as long as customer required.

According to the usage of the expanded metal mesh, it could be divided as thin expanded metal, used for Filter, Screening, expanded metal chairs, fence, BBQ net, Wall reinforcement, Perimeter fencing / gates, Pedestrian safety barriers, Security cages, and Machinery safety guards

Heavy duty expanded metal, mainly used in Walkway mesh, and platform.

expanded metal stair tread

Some special pattern mesh such as Gothic mesh used as decorative mesh, cabinet screen and so on.

AISN Gothic mesh

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