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Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen for Decoration

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Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen for Decoration

Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen coated with black vinyl powder, is used for architectural decoration. The slotted aluminum perforated plate can be punched into a decorative pattern, and then laser cut to the exact size according to the project requirements.

Specification Of Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen
Material: aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, steel
Thickness: 0.5 – 20mm
Maximum size: 1800mm x 4000mm
Surface treatment: powder coating

Typical applications include exterior wall façades and wall decorations as well as interior curtains and wall decorations. Typical exit dimensions are 2mm thick aluminum, powder-coated black perforated plates. The width is 300 mm, the length is 25 meters, and solid borders are placed on both sides of the 30 mm long side. The diameter of the hole is about 5-6mm and the length is about 22-25mm. The decorative aluminum plate can also be an etched screen with precision holes.

Advantages Of Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen:
1. lightweight;
2. High-precision pattern and perimeter processing;
3. Easy to clean and maintain;
4. Full-color selection: any RAL color you can choose for powder coating;
5. Good-looking;
6. Good strength;
7. Low production cost;
8. Corrosion resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, mildew resistance, suitable for building and various building designs.

Application Of Perforated Aluminum Expanded Metal Screen:
1. Architectural interior decoration works sound control panels, metal mesh curtains, TV background panels, cabinet door decoration, exhibition stands, furniture, decorative mesh ceilings, screen walls, etc.
2. Building exterior wall decorative panels: curtain wall panels, sun visors.
3. Decoration of public spaces such as train stations, terminals, airports and government office buildings.

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