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New Project Powder Coated Aluminum Expanded Metal Delivered To Israel for 4s Shop Facade Cladding

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New Project Powder Coated Aluminum Expanded Metal Delivered To Israel for 4s Shop Facade Cladding

Huijin recently finished one aluminum mesh project for Israel customer, used for auto 4s shop. Huijin Finished both the design of installation, and production of the mesh and frame. 

Specification of the aluminum expanded mesh, shinny silver powder coated surface treatment.









Strand Width: 


Surface Treatment: 

PVDF Painted

  1. Raw material preparation.

    We only buy material from big factories, and because we have big demand of the material every month, the raw material factory always share us the most competitive price and quick lead time, so that we can offer better price and fast delivery time for our customers.

    aluminum expanded metal material

  2. Stretching of the metal.

    Our workers will measure each pieces while producing, once they find that there is a mistake, they will adjust the machine right away.

    aluminum expanded metal stretching

  3. Leveling the mesh

    After stretching, the mesh is not always 100% flat, so we need the leveling machine to make it flat. Different sizes of mesh requires different sizes of leveling machine, the diameter and quantity of the rolls are different, The widest leveling machine we have is 3.3 meters.

    aluminum expanded metal leveling

  4. Cutting of the four side of the mesh

    The customer required that the edges of the mesh must be combined as one unique one after installation on the wall. So we have to cut each side of the mesh to ensure different pieces will in good match.

    aluminum expanded metal cutting

    Hole matches well when see it from a distance. (this is our test for installation in our own factory)

    hole matching aluminum mesh

  5. Welding the frame at the back side.

    aluminum expanded metal welding

    Aluminum Mesh after welding

    aluminum expanded metal (6)

  6. PVDF painting of the mesh.

    6.1 Cleaning the mesh

    There are 3 process of the cleaning, first acid cleaning, the most important step for good powder coating, it will help to remove all the Impurities and oil during the production and transporting. then we will use the pure water to clean it twice. Third, dry it by big dryers.

    Cleaning before the coating is the key point to make the surface smooth, and improve the Adhesion, as well as extend the service life of the mesh.

    And cleaning is right the difference between us and other factories, we are the only factory who will do the cleaning carefully in our area.aluminum expanded metal (7)

    6.2 PVDF Painting

    All our painting workers are skilled worker with years experience, the powder coating layer will be smooth and share same thickness.

    aluminum expanded metal painting

    6.3 Baking

    After painting the mesh need high temperature baking, PVDF Painting required 230temperature and powder coating required 180℃。aluminum expanded metal (9)

    Test of the film thickness.

    The international standard film thickness for PVDF Painting is over 35 μm, and for powder coating is over 60μm.

    aluminum expanded metal (8)

  7. Package of the mesh.

    General package will be plastic bubble inside, and wooden box outside. And sometimes customer will require simple pallet package, to save space and easier transportation.expanded mesh package

  8. Loading of the expanded metal mesh

    aluminum expanded metal loading

This is the whole process of the aluminum expanded mesh production, painting,and package.have you learn something from it? if you are also looking for some solutions for the outdoor facade decoration, feel free to contact me at 

my email:

mobile/wechat/whatsapp: 86-15333185479

we will be very helpful!

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