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Installation Way of the Laser Cut Screen Mesh

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Installation Way of the Laser Cut Screen Mesh

Laser cut screen is more and more popular as one kind of decorative mesh used for room dividers, building facades and Out door protective fence.

Laser Cut Screen as Room divider

laser cut screen

Laser Cut Screen as protective fence

laser cut screen

maybe you have found that both the laser cut screen fence and room dividers are supported by square tubes.

link by quare tube is the most easy and suitable way.

Laser cut panels 

laser cut screen (214)

we will leave hole on side of the mesh, to let the screws through it,  link the panels and post.

laser cut screen

At the foot of the post, we will weld a square Flange with four holes, then the expansion screw can through it and fix the post and panels on the floor.

laser cut screen


laser cut screen (221)

Is it very simple? and also the panels are flexible, you can move it as you want. 

Both the patterns, colors, materils can be customized, we also have experienced designers to design the patterns according to your requirement.

Tell me if you are interested in it.



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