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How to install laser cut panel for facade

Views:2     Author:Helen Nie     Publish Time: 2020-07-16      Origin:Site Inquire

When building a beautiful villa, whether you want to make the wall have a aesthetic appeal. If yes, please consider the laser cut panel for facade. It's easy to install and attractive. Next, let me tell you how to install it.

Firstly, fix the post with flange on the wall.

Secondly, weld the angle bracket on the laser cut panel.

laser cut panel 4_副本
laser cut panel 2_副本

Thirdly, fix the laser cut panel with angle bracket on the post with expansion bolts.

laser cut panel 3_副本
laser cut panel (16)_副本1

When you need to install several laser cut panel on the wall, whether you want to make them look the whole piece. Don't worry that there will be the gap between the laser cut panel. It's the perfect choice to use our installation method. I attached one picture using our installation method to install in the following, please chceck.

The gap between panels on the picture is almost  invisible.

We can provide one-stop service from production to installation. If any needs, please contact me freely.

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